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We offer aerial & ground photography services for a variety of projects.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your project is captured with the highest quality to accomplish your needs.

Real Estate

Receive stunning visuals of properties from a bird's eye view. 


Aerial views can give you an accurate view of the progress of your project. used to monitor progress, document milestones, and plan for the future.

Commercial & Residential

We specialize in taking aerial images of buildings, landscapes, and other structures to provide a unique perspective for our clients. 


Get stunning images for your special event. We capture the perfect perspectives from up high, creating unique memories that will last a lifetime. 


We'll capture detailed photos of buildings, factories, warehouses, and other facilities from the air for use in planning, surveying, and marketing projects. 


Stunning shots of landscapes and landmarks from a bird's eye view. These photos will provide you with a unique perspective and a sharp, high-resolution image. 

If you have a project not mentioned, we would love to discuss it with you

Please fill out our Contact Form.

The below picture was taken Oct 28th, 2022 kicking off UofA's homecoming week by lighting flairs on the A. Space X was nice enough to photobomb my photo shoot.  

1 Best For Print SpaceX Oct 2022 FINAL-0940.jpg
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